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Servicing a Bicycle                                                                        

Like most mechanical machines regular maintenance is better than waiting for something to fail as I'm sure the honourable Mr Murphy would indicate that failure will occur at the most inconvenient time.

 All new bike purchaced from Flemington Cycles recieve free basic service for the first two years.

At Flemington Cycles we have several different levels of services to meet the requirements of your bicycle and these are:-

Basic service that ensures that the bicycle is safe and comprises of the following:-
1. Frame and Forks check for safety.
2. Wheels cones and check for true-ness.
3. Brakes adjust and check.
4. Gears adjust and ensure correctly engages.                                      $95.00*
5. Bearings check and tighten.
6. Headset/Stem check and tighten.
7. Tyres/Hubs inspect and check correct pressure.

Superior Service.

1. All of the above.
2. Replace/regrease bearings in the bottom bracket
3. True "small" buckles in wheels.
4. Clean, degrease and lubricate chain.                                              $159.00*
5. Clean derailleur
6. Road test

Complete Overhaul

1. All of the above.
2. Replace/regrease all bearings, bottom bracket, wheels and headset.
3. Clean all components and replace where necessary.                  $269.00*
4. True wheels
5. Bleed brakes where required
6.Replace Cables where required 
6. Road test.


*service fee covers all the above listed, fitting of extra parts or work outside the basic or superior service may incure an extra labour charges.


You are not locked into these repairs, these are just guides. We can supply any type of repair from a quick gear adjust to a full re-assemble of your favorite machine, we also offer wheel building, brake bleeding, suspension servicing, fitting of parts which you suply and much more. Just give us a call and we will get you and you bike riding again.

NB. We provide a 3 month warranty on all services.
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